About Us

Ville 9 was founded in March of 2020 by our CEO Akia. From her own personal shopping experience Akia realized that it was becoming harder and harder to find clothing that was stitched properly and made from quality fabrics. The fast fashion industry prioritizes mass-production of trendy clothing which has appealed to shoppers all around the world. However, this has left said shoppers with see-through clothing that goes out-of-style quickly, negatively impacts the environment, and subjects workers to inhumane working conditions. We aim to branch off from the realm of fast fashion. From the softest cottons to the smoothest silk, Ville 9 provides shoppers with pieces that are crafted from high-grade fabrics. It is also imperative that we curate clothing that is highly versatile and will outlast all of today's trends. We have created a community here for women who are passionate about fashion and styling. We bring you the clothes, and you know what to do! We're so glad you made it here, and we can't wait to build a long lasting relationship with you!